Gasonics L3510 Plasma Asher

Model: Gasonics L3510

OEM: Gasonics

Condition: Refurbished and Upgraded

Wafer Size: Up to 8 inch capability. Customized.

Gases:O2 5SLM, N2 1SLM. Customized.

Wafer Transfer: Integrated solid robotic wafer transfer.

Cassette Station: Fixed, more stable.

Controller: Allwin21 PC with touch screen monitor.

Specifications: OEM

Valid Time: Subject to prior sale.

The Gasonics L3510 is a versatile downstream photoresist removal system, designed for clean, damage-free removal of the most difficult resist structures. Utilizing the production-proven L-Series platform, the L3510 has a wide process window due to its patented microwave plasma source. Programmable heating and process controls contribute to the system’s unparalleled process flexibility.

Gasonics Aura L3510 with Allwin21 PC controller Features:

  • Platen and lamp heating for process flexibility
  • Maintenance, Manual, Semi Automatic and Full Automatic operation modes
  • Automated calibration of all subsystems
  • Trouble shooting to sub-assembly levels
  • Programmed comprehensive calibration and diagnostic functions
  • Recipe creation for full automatic wafer processing
  • Automatic decline of improper recipes and process data
  • Multi level password protections
  • Storage of multiple recipes and system functions
  • Real-Time process data acquisition, display ,analysis
  • Real-Time graphics user display (GUI)
  • Process Data and Recipe storage on a hard drive
  • Advanced EOP function with SLOPE (optional)
  • GEM/SEC II functions (optional)
  • The robust integrated robotic wafer transfer (Video) instead of the original obsolete Z-bot
  • Fixed wafer cassette station instead of the original elevator.

Specifications for reference:

  • Pressure: 0.5 – >5.0 torr
  • Platen temperature: 100 – 300°C
  • Microwave Power: 0 – 1200 watts at 2.45 GHz/water cooled
  • Lamp utilization: 0 – 100% (1000 watts)
  • Throughput: 45-60wph
  • Within a wafer: ±5% – 10%. Process dependent.
  • Wafer to wafer (average): ±5% – 10% Process dependent.
  • Ash rate: up to 3.5µm/min Process dependent.
  • System matching: ±10%
  • Mobile Ion Concentration: 1^10/cm2size of 1^11/cm2
  • CV Shift: ≤0.1 volt
  • Particle: <0.02cm2size of 0.2µm