AccuSputter AW4450 Sputter

Manufacturer: Allwin21 Corp.
Condition: New
Wafer Size: Small~8 inch
Wafer loading: Manual, with Load Lock
Cathodes: 1~3 x Delta Shape  OR  1~4 x 8″ Circle Shape
Sputter Methods: RF (RG VII: Air cooling 300W, 600W, 1000W, 2000W, 3000W)/ DC(Advanced Energy PNC3 6K , PNC3 10K)/ Pulsed DC (Advanced Energy PNC3 PLUS+ 5K, PNC3 PLUS+ 10K); Diode/Magnetron
Gas Lines: 1~3 MFCs

Table Rotate/Lift Subsystem: Feed-thru assembly (Option)

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AccuSputter AW-4450 (PDF)

    Process proven for III-V, the AccuSputter® AW4450-Series Production Sputter Systems are manufactured in the configuration of a manually-loaded system capable of fully automatic (non-PLC) operation. The AccuSputter ® AW4450 sputtering head is equipped with three DeltaTM cathode or four round 8-inch positions.The AccuSputter ® AW4450-Series Production Sputter Systems deposit a wide variety of materials onto substrates such as ceramic, metal, plastics, glass and semiconductors. The system can also be used for RF sputter-etching, a process in which material is removed from, rather than being deposited on, the substrates prior to sputter deposition. These sputtering systems sequentially deposit thin films of up to three or four different materials onto a single substrate, thus attaining sandwich-structured films such as multi-layer optical interference filters or semiconductor devices. Resulting thin films range in thickness from a few Angstroms up to several microns.

    Key Features

    • Process Proven for III-V substrates
    • Non-PLC (Smaller footprint / easy maintenance)
    • 20+ years proven sputter technology
    • New optimum AW-4450 System Control
    • Table Rotate/Lift Subsystem: Feed-thru assembly
    • DC 24V for Motors,Actuator,Relay,Solenoid
    • Efficient 8″ ,Delta cathodes, 2 to 6″ option
    • High throughput operation
    • High Uniformity and Yield
    • DC, RF Sputter, Pulse DC option
    • Magnetron and Diode Sputter option
    • RF Etch and Bias are optional
    • Ultra Clean vacuum system
    • Load lock operation
    • UHV design
    • Flexible for development or production use
    • Full range of substrate sizes and shapes
    • Various pumping and power options
    • Co-sputtering option
    • Reactive Sputtering option

    AW-4450 System Controller

    • Maintenance, Manual, Semi Automatic and Full Automatic operation modes
    • Automated calibration of all sub-systems
    • Troubleshoot to sub-assembly levels
    • Programmed comprehensive calibration and diagnostic functions
    • Recipe creation for full automatic wafer processing
    • Automatic decline of improper recipes and process data
    • Multi-level password protection
    • Storage of multiple recipes and system functions
    • Real-Time process data acquisition,display ,analysis
    • Real-Time graphics use display
    • Process Data and Recipe storage on a hard drive
    • Easy TC vacuum gauge calibration
    • Positioning Deposition(optional)
    • GEM/SEC II functions (optional)

    Screen of AccuSputter AW 4450 Sputter Desposition System

    Screen of AccuSputter AW 4450 Sputter Deposition System

    Approved Processes and Applications of  AccuSputter AW 4450 Sputter

    Al+W Cr/SiO2 SiC Ti+Au
    InSnO SiO2 Ti/W Ti+Au+Ni
    Al2O3 Mo SiO2+O2 Ni/Fe+Cu+SiO2
    Ag MoSi2 Si+N2(Si3N4) Ti/W+Au
    Au Mo2Si5 Si+N2+B4C Ti/W+Au+Ta
    C Mo5Si3 Ta Ti/W+Al/Si
    Cr Ni TaC Ti/W+Ni/Cr+Au
    Cr/Co Ni/Cr Ta+Au Ti/W+Pt
    Cr/Au Ni+Ni/Cr TaSi2 Al+Ti/W+Ag
    Cr+Cu Ni/Fe Ta+SiO2 W+Al2O3
    Cr/Si Pt Zr Zn
    Cr/SiO TiO2 TiO2+Cr ZnO2
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