AW-B3000 Plasma Asher

Manufacturer: Allwin21 Corp.
Condition: New
Wafer Size: Small~8″ Wafers
Wafer Loading: Manual
Plasma Power: Air-Cooled RF 13.56MHz
Type: Barrel/Batch, Desktop or Stand Alone
Gas Lines: 1-3 Lines

AW-B3000 (PDF)



  • 2 ” to 8 ” substrate.
  • Up to three gas lines with three MFC(Customized)
  • One New Computer with touch screen.
  • One New Controller Box
  • One New Touch Screen Monitor with keyboard, mouse.
  • One 13.56 MHz ENI RF Generator or Equivalent for up to 1200W
  • New Allwin21 Corp proprietary AW software with PC control for Branson/IPC 3000/2000
  • Baratron Gauge to read the pressure to keep the process repeatable 
  • Throttle valve to control the pressure to keep the process repeatable




  • Maintenance, Manual, Semi Automatic and Full Automatic operation modes
  • Automated calibration of all subsystems
  • Troubleshooting to sub-assembly levels
  • Programmed comprehensive calibration and diagnostic functions
  • Recipe creation for full automatic wafer processing
  • Automatic decline of improper recipes and process data
  • Multi level password protections
  • Storage of multiple recipes and system functions
  • Real-Time process data acquisition,display ,analysis
  • Real-Time graphics user display (GUI)
  • Process Data and Recipe storage on a hard drive
  • GEM/SEC II functions (optional)
  • ENI RF Generator instead of the original obsolete RF Generator
  • New Controller box instead of the original controller



  • End of Process (EOP) Detection:
    • Automatically stops the Process after all wafers are fully stripped regardless of their quantity or photoresist thickness.
  • Chamber Pre-heat:
    • Allwin21 AW-B3000 Controller uses temperature from sheathed Thermocouple (TC) within chamber to preheat substrates using an N2 Plasma thus increasing the Ash-rate.


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