RFQ-RTP Asher Test / Demo

    The RTP, Asher test/DEMO can only be used to check the impact and trend of the equipment in your applications. It cannot be used to determine whether our production proven RTP, Asher equipment meet your applications based on the test results, because the test results are determined by
    people, equipment, materials, methods, environment, and measurements, not just equipment.

    Please help fill in the RFQ below for suitable RTP, Asher DEMO service. We will provide an official quotation accordingly. Appreciate your time. Thank you very much.

    1. Your Name(Required):

    2. Your Email(Required):

    3. Your Company Name(Required):

    4. Company Address:

    5.1 Substrate Maximum Size(Required):
    Small Sample2 inch2 inch3 inch4 inch5 inch6 inch8 inchNot sureOthers
    5.2.1 Substrate Material(Required):
    SiSiCGaAsGaNGaInPInPThin Metal FilmOthersNot sure
    5.2.2 Are dust, toxic gases or substances produced during the RTP, Asher Testing/Demo? Or is your substrate hazardous material?(Required):
    YesNoOthersNot sure
    5.3 Time required for testing/Demo(Required):
    in 1 dayin 2 daysin 3 daysin 4 daysin 5 daysOthersNot sure
    6.Test/Demo Process Gas Types and MFC Ranges if applicable(Required. We only have N2, O2 for test/demo. Our facility is not cleanroom.):

    7. Recipe parameters, such as Ramp Rate, steady time and steady temperature ,RF power, asher time, asher temperature, asher pressure etc.(Required):

    8. Do you need susceptor or wafer carrier? If yes, pls specify the size and quantity.

    9. Which equipment do you want to do the test/Demo on
    AccuThermo AW610MAccuThermo AW810MAW-105RAW-B3000AW-1008OthersNot sure
    10. Will you join the test/demo at Allwin21?
    YesNoOthersNot sure
    11. Did you use any RTP, Asher equipment which met your requirements? If yes, pls specify brand, model and key configurations if applicable(Required).

    12. Do you know equipment from AG Associates , Matrix , Branson/IPC ,Gasonics companies ?If yes, pls tell us which model you know(Required).

    13. How do you evaluate the RTP, Asher performance? Pls specify the methods ( Resistivity with Allwin21 AWgage-150/200, mV, mW, Appearance ) and specifications if possible.

    14. Are there any Special Requirements:

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