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New Options: Integrated solid robotic wafer transfer ; SMIF (Standard Mechanical Interface) load port transfer. Add Double O Ring and/or O2 Sensor/Analyzer for O2 sensitive applications.

Allwin21 Corp. is the exclusive licensed manufacturer of AG Associates Heatpulse 610 Rapid Thermal Processing equipment.  Allwin21 is manufacturing the new AccuThermo AW Series Atmospheric Rapid Thermal Processors  and Vacuum Rapid Thermal Processors.  Compared with traditional RTP systems, Allwin21’s AccuThermo AW RTPs have innovative software and more advanced temperature control technologies to achieve the BEST rapid thermal processing performance (repeatability, uniformity, and stability) with decades of research directly applicable to ours.


You can use MFC2 for wet N2 process with using bubbler on our RTP equipment during steady time. The chamber would be purged with dry N2 using MFC1 at the beginning and end of the process.


Please help fill in the RFQ at our website for suitable production proven Rapid Thermal Processor model and configuration for your applications. Please go through the Q and A if necessary before you fill in the RFQ below. Appreciate your time. Thank you very much.AG_Std

Application of Rapid Thermal Process

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