AWgage-200 Non-Contact Thickness/Resistance

Manufacturer: Allwin21
Condition: New
Wafer Size: 4″ – 8″ Capability
Wafer Loading: Manual
Metal Thickness Range: 100Å – 270kÅ
Metal Sheet Resistance Range: 1mΩ/square – 19,990Ω/square capability

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AWgage-200 measures sheet resistance in ohms per square or milliohms per square. If specific resistivity is known, the thickness of the deposited film layer can be computed from the sheet resistance. The choice of measurement data is easily get in the software. AWgage-200 can accommodate 200mm (8″) wafers as well as the standard 6″, 5″, and 4″ wafers without any hardware change.

Allwin21 AWgage-200 Features:

  • 30 years proven Eddy Sheet Resistance Measurement technologies.
  • Non-contact Sheet Resistance Measurement technologies.
  • 1m W/square to 19,990 W/square measurement range capability
  • Touch Screen Monitor and PC w/ Advanced Allwin21 control software.
  • Wafer carriage travel programmed with internal encoder step motor , without encoder disk.
  • Consistent wafer-to-wafer process cycle repeatability.
  • Small footprint and energy efficiency.
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • Test Sights: Single center-point, 5-point, or 9-point.
  • Highly Conductive or Metal Sheet Resistance:
    • 1 to 1,999 mΩ/sq,Ω/sq


    • 10 to 19,990 Ω/sq
  • Highly Conductive or Metal Film ThicknessMinimum: 100 ÅngströmMaximum: Proportional to resistivity. Maximum for a resistivity of 2.7 mW-cm is 270 kÅ (27 mm)

Sheet Resistance RepeatabilityTotal repeatability is the standard deviation (s) percent of mean value(X),1 count.

Range s/X (±%)
1 to 100 mΩ/sq,Ω/sq 1
100 to 500 mΩ/sq,Ω/sq 2
500 to 1000 mΩ/sq,Ω/sq 4
1000 to 1,999 mΩ/sq,Ω/sq 6
1,999 to 5,000 Ω/sq Consult Factory
5000 to 10,000 Ω/sq Consult Factory
10,000 to 15,000 Ω/sq Consult Factory


  • Main Frame
  • Wafer Carriage (4”-8”)
  • Measurement Head
  • RF Tank Circuit board
  • Pentium® class computer board
  • Main control board
  • Motor control board.
  • Two USB Ports
  • Two Extra DB9 Ports
  • 15–inch touch screen GUI
  • Allwin21 Corp proprietary software package.
  • Mouse & Keyboard
  • USB Flash Drive with AW Software backup.
  • CE Mark if necessary


  • Place the instrument on a hard surface. Do not operate it on a cushioned surface
  • The room temperature should be close to 23° C for the greatest measurement accuracy.
  • Avoid environments with high concentrations of particulates, especially abrasives such as glass and silicon dust.
  • Power : 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 110/220VAC, 2 Amps
  • Weight and Dimensions: 44 LBs ; 11 inch (W) X 18 inch (D) X 22 inch

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