RFQ – Metrology

    Please help fill in the following Customer Survey Form for suitable Metal Film Metrology model and configuration for your applications. Appreciate your time. Thank you very much.

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    5. Substrate Maximum Size(Required):
    Small Sample1 inch2 inch3 inch4 inch5 inch6 inch8 inchOthersNot sure
    6. Substrate Material(Required):
    SiSiCGaAsGaNGaInPInPOthersNot sure
    7. Measurement Parameters(Required):
    Sheet ResistanceFilm ThicknessOthersNot sure
    8. Thin Film Materials(Required):
    Epi-SemiconductorAlAuWTaNxCuOthersNot sure
    9. Substrate Resistivity(Ω.cm,Required):
    <0.050.05-11-100100-100K>100kOthersNot sure
    10. Thin Film resistivity(mΩ.cm,Required):
    <0.0010.001-11-100100-100K>100kOthersNot sure
    11. Multi-Layer Substrate? Specify if Yes(Required) :

    12. Data Output(Required):
    File of ComputerPrinterOthersNot sure
    13. Environment Temperature (Required) :
    Under ControlledRoom Temperature (No Control)OthersNot sure
    14. Parameter Range: Film Sheet resistance(Ω/□ , Required):
    0.001-11-2000OthersNot sure
    15. Parameter Range: Film thickness (Angstroms, Required):
    <100100- 200k>200kOthersNot sure
    16. Did you use any Thin Film Sheet Resistance Measurement Instrument which met your requirements? If yes, pls specify brand and model.

    17. Approximate budget(Required):
    < USD$ 5K< USD$ 10K< USD$ 15K< USD$ 20K< USD$ 25K< USD$ 30K< USD$ 50K< USD$ 60K< USD$ 70K< USD$ 80K> USD$ 80KNot sureOthers

    18. Approximate purchasing time (Required):
    <In 1 monthIn 2 monthsIn 3 monthsIn 6 monthsIn 9 monthsIn 12 monthsIn 24 monthsNot sureOthers

    19. Throughput Requirement :
    <R&D only<10 wafers per day<20 wafers per day<30 wafers per day<40 wafers per day<50 wafers per day<100 wafers per day<200 wafers per day<500 wafers per day>500 wafers per dayNot sureOthers

    20. Special Requirements:

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