RFQ – Rapid Thermal Processing System

    Allwin21 Corp. is the exclusive licensed manufacturer of AG Associates Heatpulse 610 Rapid Thermal Process tool. For many years AG Associates was the dominant manufacturer of RTP systems in 1990's. Please help fill in the following Customer Survey Form for suitable production proven Rapid Thermal Processor model and configuration for your applications. Please go through the Q and A if necessary before you fill in the RFQ below. Appreciate your time. Thank you very much.

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    5. Which Model you are interested in?(Required):
    AccuThermo AW610M-~6inch,Bentch TopAccuThermo AW820M-~8inch,Stand AloneAccuThermo AW820V-~8inch,Stand Alone,Vacuum RTP,NOT RECOMMEND.Not sureOthers

    6. Substrate Sizes and Maximum Size(Required):
    <2 inch2 inch3 inch4 inch5 inch6 inch8 inchNot sureOthers

    7. Substrate Material(Required):
    SiSiCGaAsGaNGaInPInPThin Metal FilmOthersNot sure
    8.1 Amount of Gas lines (Required. Maximum 6 Gas lines ):
    123456OthersNot sure
    8.2 Gas Types(Required):
    N2O2ArNH3N2O2N2 Forming GasAr Forming GasOthersNot sure

    9. Highest Temperature Range (Required,°C) and Longest Steady Time(Seconds) (200°C-750°C with Qualified thin K Type TC ;400°C-1250°C with patented non-contact ERP Pyrometer ;400°C-1050°C with special shield TC with SiC Cap(LOW COST,NOT RECOMMENDED) ):

    10. Do you need Susceptor? If yes, pls specify the size and quantity. Our qualified susceptors (3 inch,4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 4x2inch, 3x3inch, 16x2inch, 5x3inch, 4x4inch, Customized) are mainly for (1) Transparent compound materials wafers; (2) There is a metal thin film on wafer during RTP; (3)Small samples.

    11. Did you use any RTP which met your requirements? If yes, pls specify brand and model(Required).

    12. Do you know AG Associates , the dominant manufacturer of RTP systems in1990's ?If yes, pls tell us which model you know, Heatpulse 210,Minipulse 310, Heatpulse 410, Heatpulse 610, Heatpulse 610I, Heatpulse 4100, Heatpulse 4100S, Heatpulse 4108, Heatpulse 8108, Heatpulse 8800(Required).

    13. How do you evaluate the RTP performance? Pls specify the methods ( Resistivity , mV, mW, Appearance etc. ) and specifications if possible.

    14. Do you need Double O Ring for O2 sensitive applications or production(Most R&D and budget limited customers do not take this option):

    15. Do you need O2 Sensor/Analyzer for O2 sensitive applications or production (Most R&D and budget limited customers do not take this option):

    16. Do you need Integrated solid robot for automatic wafer transfer for production(Most R&D customers do not take this option):

    17. Approximate budget:
    < USD$ 50KUSD$ 50K-100KUSD$100K-200KUSD$ 200K-300KUSD$ 300K-400KUSD$ 400K-500K> USD$500KNot sureOthers

    18. Approximate purchasing time :
    <In 1 monthIn 2 monthsIn 3 monthsIn 6 monthsIn 9 monthsIn 12 monthsIn 24 monthsNot sureOthers

    19. Throughput Requirement :
    <R&D only<10 wafers per day<20 wafers per day<30 wafers per day<40 wafers per day<50 wafers per day<100 wafers per day<200 wafers per day<500 wafers per day>500 wafers per dayNot sureOthers

    20. Special Requirements:

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