Allwin21 Corp. provides spare parts for our valuable customers who bought the following high-tech equipment from us in Semiconductor, MEMS, Biomedical, Nanotechnology, Solar, LEDs, etc. Here are warranty terms for spare parts.

1.12 months Ex-works non-consumable parts warranty after shipping. — Controllers and other non-consumable parts are falling in this category.
2. All parts/modules from other manufacturers,  Allwin21 will carry on manufacturer’s warranty terms.  — Robot and RF generators are falling in this category.
3. No warranty on consumable parts. Consumable parts  include all PCB boards, quartz, o-rings, fuses, MFCs ,Chiller ,lamps, carrier, susceptor and all movable parts.
4. Allwin21 will not be responsible for components damaged due to customer mishandling, improper operation or customer facilities problems.

    Rapid Thermal Processing Equipment

    Plasma Asher Descum Equipment

    Sputter Deposition Systems

    Plasma Etch RIE Equipment

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