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Allwin21 Corp. has been focusing on providing solutions and enhancements to Matrix 105, Matrix 105R, Matrix 205 used plasma Asher Descum semiconductor process equipment and Matrix 303,Matrix 403 used plasma Etch semiconductor process equipment. These OEM semiconductor equipment have been used in productions and R&D since 1990′s. They have been proven to be a true “work horse”. Allwin21 Corp. can customize these OEM systems with Allwin21′s comparable integrated process control system with PC, solid robotic wafer transfer system(Video) and new critical components to achieve the goal of giving our customers a production edge with right cost.

AW-105R Plasma Asher

AW-105R Plasma Stripper Asher . Wafer Size: 3-6.25 inch. 1-4 gas lines with MFCs. 60-200C Temperature with CLTC control . Anodized Chuck with Element heating and chiller cooling. Stand Alone. Integrated solid robotic wafer transfer. Single Wafer Process. Suitable for high uniformity, repeatability processes.
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