RFQ-Upgrade Kits

    Please help fill in the following Customer Survey Form for upgrade kit for your used equipment. Appreciate your time. Thank you very much.

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    Matrix XXXHeatpulse 210Heatpulse 310Heatpulse 410Heatpulse 610Modular Process Technology MPT RTP-600xpModular Process Technology MPT RTP-600SModular Process Technology MPT RTP-800xpModular Process Technology MPT RTP-600sModular Process Technology MPT RTP-3000Branson/IPC XXXXGasonics Aura 1000Gasonics Aura 2000LLGasonics AE 2000LLGasonics Aura 3000/3010Gasonics L3510Tegal 915Tegal 90XeTegal 900Lam AutoEtch X90Lam Rainbow 4XXX SeriesPlasma Therm RIE ICPPerkin-Elmer 2400SeriesPerkin-Elmer 4XXX SeriesMRC 6X3MRC 9X3Temescal FC-1800Temescal VES 2550Temescal BJD-1800KLA-Tencor Mgage 300KLA-Tencor Mgage 200Others-Pls list at Special Requirements below if possible
    6. List the reasons you want to upgrade your old equipment(Required):

    Obsolete PartsNew Air cooling RF3-axis integrated solid robotic wafer transferGEM/SEC II functionNeed PC control with data storageGUI functionTouch Screen MonitorRequirement of more real time precise controlRequirement of better repeatability, uniformity,stabilityRequirement of easier maintenance, calibration, and trouble shootingOthers-Pls list at Special Requirements below if possibleNot sure

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    < USD$ 10K< USD$ 20K< USD$ 30K< USD$ 40K< USD$ 50K< USD$ 100K< USD$ 150K< USD$ 200K< USD$ 250K< USD$ 300KNot sureOthers

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    <In 1 monthIn 2 monthsIn 3 monthsIn 6 monthsIn 9 monthsIn 12 monthsIn 24 monthsNot sureOthers

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