Semiconductor Equipment Engineers (New & Recent University Grad)

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 Allwin21 is looking for new and recent university graduates to fill semiconductor equipment production and service engineer roles essential to our company offerings. Production engineers are responsible for the equipment production process for equipment in our product portfolio. Service engineers are responsible for working with clients for any onsite service and training.

These roles are great opportunities for new grads looking for a launchpad to starting their career in the industry and recent grads looking to take their career to the next level. You will be collaborating with engineers who have decades of experience in the semiconductor industry and working closely with company executives.

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description

Essential Job Functions

The following does not restrict any assignment or reassignment of any responsibilities for this position.

 Production Engineer

  1. Own production of equipment in the Allwin21 product portfolio

 Service Engineer

  1. Onsite installation and customer training for the full Allwin21 product portfolio

  2. Onsite servicing for repairs and upgrades

  3. Generating Field Service Reports and Non-Conformance Reports(NCR)

  4. Closing out open NCRs

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, Electric Engineering, or related

  • Graduating Winter 2021 or recent graduate

  • Knowledge of Microsoft DOS (Strongly Preferred)

  • Clear English reading, writing, and speaking skills

  • Dedication and enthusiasm for learning

Allwin21 is dedicated to your career development & growth and does not require any specific previous experience.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Ability to be team-oriented and collaborate well with others

  • Ability to be self-managing and resourceful for independent projects

  • Quick learner

  • Excellent communication skills

  • MS Word/ Google Docs

  • Knowledge of leak-detection and other high-vacuum related tools

  • Plasma and High-Vacuum Semiconductor manufacturing equipment background/experience

  • Previous experience with Perkin Elmer Sputter, Tegal, LAM, GaSonics, Matrix, or AG Associates experience is a plus

  • pc/MRP or basic CMMS is a plus

About Allwin21 Corp.

Allwin21 is a semiconductor equipment manufacturer based in Morgan Hill, CA. Formed in 2000, we have decades of expertise providing Rapid Thermal Process, Plasma Asher / Strip /  Descum, Plasma Etch/RIE, Sputter Deposition, and Metal Film Metrology semiconductor equipment, services, and technical support. Our equipments are used by corporations, universities, and fabs in a wide range of industries (Semiconductor III-V, MEMS, Biomedical, Nanotechnology, Solar, and LED). We are a leader in our product lines, providing innovative technical solutions and high-quality equipment worldwide. We pride ourselves on prioritizing lasting customer relationships.

Please email your resume and desired position(s) to to be considered.