Lam Rainbow 44XX Plasma Etcher

Model: Lam Rainbow 4420

OEM: Lam Research

Condition: Refurbished and Upgraded

Chuck Type: Clamp. Customized.

Wafer Size: Up to 8 inch capability. Customized.

Gases:1-6 lines with MFC. Customized.

Controller: Allwin21 PC with touch screen monitor.

Specifications: OEM

Valid Time: Subject to prior sale.

The LRC Rainbow Etchers are fully automated, in-line, single-wafer plasma/RIE etching systems that processes 6-inch, or 8-inch wafers and features top or/and bottom powered electrode plate, programmable electrode spacing, and automatic noncontact wafer alignment and placement. Unique RF match networks are located at the upper and lower electrodes for programmable switching between plasma and RIE modes. Designed for continuous operation, the LRC Rainbow etchers are computer-controlled, allowing either manual or automatic control. The Lam Rainbow 44XX Series can be for Tungsten silicide, Silicon nitride, polysilicon ,oxide, Crystallise Si etc..

Lam Rainbow 44XX Series proven applications 

  • Tungsten silicide film over polysilicon.Wsi ~ 1500 to 2500 Å.Poly ~ 1500 to 2500 Å.SiO2 – Stop Layer.
  • Silicon nitride over oxide » 800 – 2400 Å.Oxide » Stop Layer.
  • Shallow trench etch to delineate areas to be used for zero-lyer mask.Target Etch: 150Å barrier oxide + 1000Å Crystallise Si.
  • A C2F6 process for the breakthrough of polysilicon native oxide prior to the main etch.
  • Native Oxide Breakthrough.A CF4 process for the etch of polysilicon thin native oxide prior to the poly main etch or nitride layers with thickness under 1000 Å.
  • 100 mm ONO Etch – C2F6 Chemistry. A C2F6 process for used for ONO etch.
  • Nitride Spacer Etch. A 3 step silicon nitride spacer etch. Nitride spacer film is typically 1200 -2000Å thick. The main etch is a bulk etch with a high etch rate. The second step is an endpoint step with medium selectivity to oxide. The third step is an over etch process with high selectivity to oxide. Oxide » Stop Layer.
  • SF6/HBr/He Anisotropic Tungsten Silicide Etch. An anisotropic tungsten silicide etch process which can be used with a Cl2/HBr doped poly process.
  • Anisotropic Doped Poly Etch: Cl2/HBr Main Etch and Cl2/HBr/O2 Overetch. A Cl2/HBr main etch process and a Cl2/HBr/O2 overetch process with high selectivity to the underlying gate oxide.
  • Anisotropic Nitride Etch: SF6/He/CHF3 Main Etch & SF6/HBr/O2 Overetch. Silicon nitride stopping on oxide. For Active Area Definition/LOCOS.
  • Anisotropic Undoped Polysilicon Etch: Cl2/He/HBr Main Etch and Cl2/HBr/O2 Overetch. A high flow process for the etch of undoped or lightly doped (>35 W/ ) polysilicon with good selectivity to the underlying gate oxide.
  • PECVD Nitride Passivation Etching. A high-etch rate PECVD nitride passivation etch process using CF4/O2 chemistry.
  • CVD Nitride Etching. A CVD nitride etching process using SF6/He chemistry.
  • Isotropic Polysilicon Etch. A high-pressure isotropic polysilicon etching process using SF6/He chemistry 

Lam Rainbow 44XX Series with Allwin21 PC controller Features: 

  • Maintenance, Manual, Semi Automatic and Full Automatic operation modes
  • Automated calibration of all subsystems
  • Trouble shooting to sub-assembly levels
  • Programmed comprehensive calibration and diagnostic functions
  • Recipe creation for full automatic wafer processing
  • Automatic decline of improper recipes and process data
  • Multi level password protections
  • Storage of multiple recipes and system functions
  • Real-Time process data acquisition, display ,analysis
  • Real-Time graphics user display (GUI)
  • Process Data and Recipe storage on a hard drive
  • Easy TC vacuum gauge calibration with using software, not the hardware resistors adjusting.
  • Advanced EOP function with  SLOPE 

Lam Rainbow 44XX Series Configuration: 

  • Main chamber
  • Moving gap
  • Standard Process kit
  • Clamp chuck. ESC chuck is optional
  • 50 sccm UPC(unit 8130)/50torr MKS manometer or equivalent for Helium Backside cooling
  • 10 Torr Pressure monitor, MKS or equivalent
  • AC2 pressure controller or equivalent
  • Dual endpoint 405nm/520nm EOP for poly etch is optional
  • Entrance loadlock
  • Exit loadlock
  • Mini match RF Match
  • ENI 650 RF Generator or equivalent
  • Gases: 1-6 lines, Maximum 8 lines. Typical gases: CL2 200sccm,HBr 200sccm,SF6 200sccm,N2 200sccm,He 500sccm,O2 50sccm,CF4 200sccm. Process dependent.
  • Stepper motor lead screw shuttle
  • 38A Hine Design Indexers
  • Universal Wafer aligner
  • Standard power module and cables RPM Power module is optional
  • TCU LAM2080 Chiller module or equivalent is optional
  • 208VAC 3Phase, 80A, 50/60Hz 

Lam Rainbow 44XX Series Specifications: 

  • Base pressure ≤ 5mT
  • Chamber Leak rate≤ 5 mT/min
  • ELL & XLL Leak rate≤ 10 mT/min
  • GAP set point:1cm ,Tolerance:≤ 0.02cm
  • Chiller Precision: ± 1℃
  • MFC/RF/DC precision: ≤5%* set points
  • Etch Rate/Uniformity/Profile: Process dependent. We can provide the data for the above listed applications.

Lam Rainbow 44XX Facility Requirements:

  • Power: 208V.50/60Hz,3 phase 5 wires, WYE.30A(Max),23(Norm) for Etcher; 208V,50/60 Hz,3 phase, 5 wires, WYE, 30A(Max),23(Norm) for R.F. Cart; 208V,50/60 Hz,3 phase, 5 wires, WYE, 30A(Max),23(Norm) for TCU.
  • Physical Dimension and Weight: Etcher(44″W x 54″D x 66″, 1700 lbs); R.F. Chart (22″W x 32″D x 44″, 250 lbs); TCU (23″W x 37″D x 55″, 420 lbs);
  • Exhaust: Etcher, Cabinet(Draw CFM 300,H2O 0.5,House, 4 inch Duct Size,Amb; Etcher, Gas Panel(Draw CFM 75,H2O 0.5,Scrubbed, possible hazard,2 inch Duct Size,Amb.
  • Cooling Water: R,F,Cart(2±0.2 GPM, 85±5 PSI, 14~35°C,3/8″ ID fittings,<200 u); TCU(6±0.5 GPM, 11~26°C,1/2″ ID fittings,<200 u)
  • Nitrogen:40±10 PSI and 90±10 PSI, CDA can also be used for R.F.Cart.
  • Thermal Output: Etcher( 3.4K carried by water,3.4k carried by exhaust, 7k dispersed to environment); RF Cart( 7K carried by water,7k dispersed to environment); TCU( 4K carried by water,1k dispersed to environment).
  • Process Gases: 1/4″ VCR fittings,<0.05u filter.
  • The requirements is subject to change according to different configuration and terms.