RFQ – Sputter Deposition System

Please help fill in the following Customer Survey Form for suitable Sputter Deposition System model and configuration for your applications. Appreciate your time. Thank you very much.

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10. Substrate Material(Required):
 Si SiC GaAs GaN GaInP InP Others Not sure

11. Substrate Shape(Required):
 Round Square Rectangle Abnormity Others Not sure

12. Amount of Gas lines(Required):

13. Sputter Materials (Required)
 Ag; Al; Al2O3; Au; Cr; CrNx; CrSi2; Cu; Mo; MoSi2; Ni; Nichrome; Pd; Permalloy; Pt; Quartz; Si; Si3N4; Ta; TaNx; Ti; TiNx; Ti/W(10%); W; WNx; Others; Not sure

14. Sputter Type(Required,Multiple):
 DC Magnetron RF Magnetron DC Diode RF Diode Others Not sure

15. Cathode Amount(Required):

16. Cathode Size and Shape(Required):

17. Etch Function :

18. Bias Function:

19 Co-sputter Function

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