Configuration and Specification of Perkin-Elmer 4450 uhv sputtering system

Configuration and Specification of Perkin-Elmer 4450 uhv sputtering system:

AccuSputter AW 4450 Sputter Deposition System


Perkin-Elmer 4450  uhv sputtering system

Basic System
  • New Controller :Allwin21 Corp.’s AW-4450 System Control
  • New Power Distribution Box: New, AC380V /208V/ 3Phase
  • Fully Refurbished Perkin-Elmer Original Frame
  • Fully Refurbished other parts, replace with new if necessary
  • Fully Refurbished Process Chamber
  • Fully Refurbished Load lock
  • Fully Refurbished Vacuum Systems for load lock and process chamber
Cathode Shape Delta
Cathode Size Delta
Cathode Port Amount 1 to 3
Cathode/Sputter Type DC Magnetron (RF Magnetron, RF Diode, Pulse DC are optional)
DC Power Supply 1-10 KW
RF Power Supply 1-3 KW
Process Gases Argon (200 SCCM) Standard, Up to 3 gas lines, MFC customized.
Substrate Size Small to 6 inch
Wafer Load Manually load,capable of fully automatic operation
Throughput per Batch 3” wafer, 30 pieces ; 4”wafer, 13 pieces; 5” wafer, 9 pieces; 6” wafer,7 pieces; 8’ wafer, 5 pieces
Sputter Rate 20 to 500 Angstroms/kw-min depending on different model, cathode, process, sputter material etc
Uniformity Capacity ±5%~7%

*   Turbo pump for load lock

*   Dry pump or mechanical pump

*   Cathode Blank Cover

*   Load lock heating function (200 oC)

*   Process Chamber heating function (360 oC)

*   Reactive Sputter

*   RF Etch

*   RF Bias

*   Co-Sputter