Gridless DC Ion Source OIS-GL


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Product Description

Gridless DC Ion Source

OIS-GL is low voltage, high current gridless ion source, and has been developed for substrate cleaning, ion assisted deposition, etc.
Various optical filters can be produced by installing it in Gener-1300 or the OTFC series.


  • Well-suited to substrate cleaning and resin substrate coating.
  • Wide beam angle at low energy and high current, designed for large area over φ1200.
  • High operational stability by improving the cooling method.


Model OIS-GL
Size φ163mm × 200mm (H)
Discharge voltage 50V – 300V
Discharging current (max) 8A
Gas flow rate 5sccm – 50sccm( argon)
10sccm – 100sccm( oxygen)
Pressure 3.5 × 10-2 Pa or lower
Warter-cooling Anode and beam unit
Neutralizer Tungsten (W) filament