Continuous Optical Thin Film Coater COFC-1300


Product Description

COFC-1300 is a continuous optical thin films coater consisting of three chambers. Transferring work pieces without breaking vacuum, this can mass-produce continuously the optical filters.

Key Feature

  • Non-vibrating carrier (dome) transfer system
  • Central rotation system to improve rotational precision and to restrain particle generation
  • Max rotational speed at 20rpm to improve thickness controllability
  • 12 points type high precision optical thickness monitor
  • Quartz crystal microbalance monitor (max 80 monitors)
  • Sophisticated film quality by RF ion source
  • Automatic dome mounting system (Automatic carrier transfer system as option). Extra vacuum chamber as option


Vacuum chamber
(3 chamber type)
Load chamber + Deposition chamber + Unload chamber
(Selectable loading/unloading type)
Vacuum load/unload
chambers (2 chambers)
SUS 304, 1500mm (L) × 1500mm (D) × 1560mm (H) approx.
Deposition chamber
(w/ 2 gate valves)
SUS 304,
1500mm (L) × 1500mm (D) × 1560mm (H) approx.
Ultimate vacuum pressure ≤1.5 × 10-4 Pa
Ultimate evacuation time
in countinuous runs
≤5 – 10 min (7.0 × 10-3 Pa)
Substrate dome φ 1200 mm
Rotational speed 5 – 20 rpm
Evaporator (two sources) Electron gun (w/automatic source material feeding system)
RF ion source φ 17cm

Utility Requirements

Power Requirements 3phase+G、200V ± 5%、140kVA approx.、50/60Hz
Cooling Water Flow Rate ≥200ℓ/min each of 3 inlets
Gross Weight 25000 kg approx.