Product Description

This machine is a large-scale optical thin film coater for antismudge(AS), anti-reflection(AR), and AS+AR coatings.

Key Feature

  • Excellent uniformity by the center drive substrate rotation system.
  • RF ion source to enhance abrasion resistance (subject to more than forty thousand abrasion test*) . The cycles of abrasion can be varied according to standard of wear resistance test.
  • Mass production for AS coating.


Chamber Size φ 2350mm × H1400mm
Substrate Dome φ 2200mm, Five-sectional
Max. Dome Rotation Speed 20rpm
Crystal Film Thickness Monitor 6-point Crystal flim monitor
Evaporation Source One unit of EB source, Movable AS source
Ion Source RF Ion Source


Ultimate Pressure 7.0E-5Pa or lower
Pumping Speed 15 min (from atmospheric pressure to 2.0×10-3 Pa)

Utility Requirements

Installation Space 6300 (W) ×9000 (D) ×4000mm (H)
Power Source 3-phase, 200V, 50/60Hz, 80kVA, approx.
Minimum Water Flow 220ℓ /min
Air Pressure 0.5 – 0.7 MPa
Weight 12000kg, approx.